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Lostock Community Partnership

LCP stands for Lostock Community Partnership and is a not for profit community organisation which aims to provide a focus for the community to work together in partnership to improve Lostock in Stretford as a neighbourhood in which to live, work and visit.

Mission Statement

Lostock Community Partnership - the Queens Jubilee
Lostock Community Partnership – Christmas

Lostock Community Partnership is a not for profit community organisation which aims to provide a focus for the community to work together in partnership to improve Lostock as a neighbourhood in which to live, work and visit.

Organisational Values

These are the values that underpin the work of Lostock Community Partnership

  1. Accountable

    Being open and honest about work and decisions and being prepared to share information and decision making processes at all times.

  2. Respectful

    Adhering to the equal opportunities policy and encouraging diversity amongst participants. Listening to all sections of the community and respecting all views.

  3. Sustainability

    Working towards sustainability at all times.

  4. Inclusive

    Being open minded and including all sections of the community.

  5. Ambitious

    Aiming high and striving for high standards.

  6. Mentorship

    Supporting and encouraging the growth of other groups and projects. Sharing knowledge and information where ever possible and passing on expertise to other individuals and groups.

Organisational Background

Lostock Community Partnership - the Queens Jubilee
Lostock Community Partnership – the Queens Jubilee

Lostock Community Partnership is a community group set up in 2002, made up of representatives from local tenant/residents’ associations, young people, council services, housing associations, police, schools, colleges, health services, businesses, faith communities, voluntary organisations, and individuals from the Lostock neighbourhood. Lostock Community Partnership was formed to provide a focus for people who live and work in Lostock along with partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors, to work together on the regeneration of the area.
The group became a Constituted ‘unregistered association’ in October 2003. By becoming constituted, the Partnership maintains a good position in attracting grant funding from sources such as the National Lottery.
The Management Committee has a constitutional membership of 9.
The Lostock Community Partnership membership currently stands at 75 with a further 148 associates. ‘Associates’ have an interest in the Lostock partnerships activities and receive information and updates but do not have the right to vote on decisions.
The Lostock Community Partnership has an annual turnover of less than £10,000.

Success and Achievements

See our Success and Achievements.

Five Year Plan 2013-2018

See our Five Year Plan.

Operational Outlook

Lostock Community Partnership - the Medical Centre
Lostock Community Partnership – the Medical Centre

Lostock Community Partnership recognises that trends in community involvement in terms of public meetings have changed. This means that membership meetings are adapted into a diverse range of involvement activities to meet the needs of its varied target audience. Use of social networking is in place and used. A natural divide appears to have happened, with those who are looking for activities, groups, or contacts using the facebook system and politicians and businesses using the web site. The good supportive relationships developed with local businesses should be developed and encouraged as they provide support and promotion for community events. Lostock Community Partnership recognises that it has an important responsibility to play as a voice for local people and a co-ordinating mechanism for guiding and continuing the regeneration process.
Through positive working relationships with local groups and agencies and proactive planning, campaigning, and communication, they can influence change within the neighbourhood.
However, for the regeneration of Lostock to succeed long term, forward planning in terms of finances and the management of the Lostock Community Partnership is essential. The ten year period 2002/2012 has seen a huge change in the physical structure of the Lostock neighbourhood initiated in part by the successful bid for £409,000 Big Lottery Fair Share money. However the danger is that once this funding has come to an end the neighbourhood will not be able to sustain the progress achieved.
Lostock Community Partnership recognises the need to secure an independent income to make it sustainable in its own right.

Supporting the needs of the Community

Lostock Community Partnership - the Skate Bowl
Lostock Community Partnership – the Skate Bowl

The Lostock Community Partnership umbrella organisation provides an effective forum to local people with the means to actively participate in their areas of concern and interest identifying and responding to community needs. For the future it should:

  1. Build on the successes of the regeneration of the community environment.
    • Promote existing activities and facilities, signpost the community to relevant groups;
    • Identify gaps in facilities and activities and work in the community to meet the needs;
    • Provide adequate office and meeting space for community activities; and
    • Improve access to essential service provision.
  2. Offer the community opportunities to get involved in small events or projects that provide the opportunity to learn new skills and confidence to develop.
    • Set up working groups / sub groups for specific project works;
    • Initiate change Encourage ownership and responsibility of the neighbourhood;
    • Establish business forum to improve shop fronts into the community area, Barton Road.
  3. Provide a proactive planning, campaigning and communication forum, drawing on the strengths of diverse community groups.
    • Provide local community groups with skills and knowledge to run effectively.
    • Keep community members informed and consulted on development works
  4. Provide an umbrella organisation to influence change within the neighbourhood.
    • Represent the views of the community and provide a co-ordinated campaign voice into local agencies such as Trafford Housing Trust, Primary Care Trust, Lostock College and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council as potential infrastructure of Lostock ‘built environment’ plans are developed.
  5. Support the growth and sustainment of community groups within the Lostock Community area.
    • Provide advice to local community groups.
    • Establish supportive networking throughout the wider Trafford community.
  6. Co-ordinate approach between community groups to ensure consistent messages on project needs and priorities ensuring areas of common interest are identified and addressed in an effective manner
  7. Provide community events such as annual fun day, Christmas events and pageants.