Lostock Library Steering Group Report

The Steering Group’s main purpose is to make the transition over the next two months as smooth as possible so as not to disrupt the use of the Library for regular users.

When the Library is run by the College and Volunteers, it is envisaged that the Library will be open for general access 2 hours a day 5 days week (Monday to Friday possibly 2 pm – 4 pm).

It is hoped the Saturday can be brought into play for the Children Craft Morning and Lostock Community Partnership Coffee Morning.

The various group meetings that take place though the week will go ahead as usual at their normal meeting times, but details of how it will be managed are yet to be finalised.

Various funding arrangements were mentioned but due to difficult times the usual sources may not be available.

The Council say they want the Library to run a minimal service but with no paid staff.

The usual movement of books by a courier will continue so as to supply customers with orders and a fresh supply of books.

The purchase of books will continue through the remaining Libraries and made available to Lostock.

The College will have Study Areas and the room at the top of the stairs will have the present computers removed and something more up to date to replace them. There was a concern that this room and the office within it has no fire escape but as it has been in use for some years we would be unlucky if alterations need to be made. There was mention that it didn’t comply with fire regulations.

Amanda took the lead for the meeting but as it is a steering group it was very informal.

Watch out for an A3 poster advertising for Volunteers to keep Lostock Library open.

The future appears to good and the enthusiasm shown by the people of Lostock fills me full of hope

We deserve to succeed.

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