Aims and Objectives 2013-2018

The immediate aim is to evaluate the impact of Big Lottery Fair Share funding on community and use findings to move forward.

The long term strategic aims include creating a safer community with a better quality of life for all through economic development with partnerships and empowerment within the community.

  1. To further develop Lostock Partnership and run it effectively and efficiently.
    • Organize and hold an event to meet other partnerships and share good practice.
    • Seek sponsorship from companies/ businesses to help fund the work of the partnership.
    • Increase income through fund raisers Car boot/table top sales.
    • Sustainability plan for continued investment in Lostock beyond Fair Share.
    • Encourage more under 50’s onto the committee.
  2. To co-ordinate the regeneration of the neighbourhood’s built and natural environment.
    • To continue to work with the Friends of Lostock Park group.
    • To be aware of Trafford Housing Trust’s program of regeneration.
    • Shop fronts improved along Barton road and The Circle.
    • Continue to work with agencies re street cleaning issues.
    • To continue to be involved in any further regeneration of the neighbourhood and campaign for further improvements to community facilities, services and support of new schemes and events.
    • To continue to develop Lostock Partnership and maintain positive relationships with local schools, agencies, businesses and faith groups.
  3. To improve community facilities and activities.
    • To establish a central base for the LCP and other groups to hold meetings, drop in sessions and activities in.
    • Establish a lunch time/afternoon drop in session (Intergenerational) for over 50’s in Lostock College.
    • To support the Youth Panel intergenerational project and increase membership of the quiz evenings and other events organised for older people.
  4. To improve essential service provision in Lostock (e.g. Health care, youth services, council services) and break down barriers between professionals working in the area and community members.
    • Continue to work with the PCT for more services in the health centre.
    •  Continue to support and promote the dental practice in the community.
    • Continue to represent young people  on CYPS panel and the need to maintain long term quality youth provision in Lostock
    • Continue to work with Trafford & Children & Young People Service (CYPS) to ensure good quality youth provision is secured for the area.
    • Secure targeted health services for young people.
    • Develop work with Sport Trafford to encourage people to take up a healthy sports activity.
    • Work more closely with Sure Start and encourage families to seek support and guidance with the agency.
    • Continue working with stake holder group on Neighbourhood Agreements, including Greater Manchester Police, Trafford Council, and Trafford Housing Trust, CYPS, Sure Start, Primary Care Trust, Fire Service and any other statutory agencies working in the Lostock area.
  5. To increase community involvement in local activities and develop the skills and capacity of the community.
    • Increase numbers of local people taking up a voluntary role
    • Empower local people, increase community involvement and represent the views of the community as necessary.
    • Increase participation within the partnership through open days and local events. Annual Fun day, Christmas event, Stretford pageant, Car boot/table top
    • Begin to see a more positive community attitude towards learning.
    • Consider training programs for community member’s e.g. complimentary therapies course/ first response first aid course/food handling/ health & safety.